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Price: $2,650.00

Price: $2,950.00


  • Stevens 200 Action
  • Shilen Select Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Harrell's Custom Muzzle Brake
  • Gray Synthetic Stock
  • Factory Stevens Trigger
  • Free Floated Barrel
  • Mag-Prime Ignition System
Upgraded Features:

  • 2 Stage Breech Plug
  • Trigger Assembly
The UTE (Utility) Series Bad Bull Muzzleloader is designed to achieve Bad Bull performance with a lower price tag. This muzzleloader uses the same Shilen Select Stainless Steel Barrel and has the Harrell's Custom Muzzle Brakes. This unit is built on the very strong Steven 200 bolt-action assembly. Also to reduce cost, a gray synthetic classic design stock and the standard Steven's 200 trigger is used.

The UTE Series uses our Mag-Prime Single Stage Ignition System. A Federal 215 primer is used and the muzzleloader must be fired before tapping out the primer. Velocity is 3100 FPS at the muzzle and energy at 300 yards is still above 2500 FPE. For the price, this is an incredible muzzleloader.
Specifications Caliber Barrel Length Overall Length Weight Order Code Price
UTE Series 45 28" 51" 7lbs. 14oz. UTE $2,650.00